10 Travel Packing Tips for Alaska

Here are 10 travel packing tips to help you figure out the best Alaska clothing; what to bring and what to buy when you get here! Remember the mantra, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just improper clothing!”

These Alaska travel packing tips are geared for Alaska clothing, for trips to Alaska. But most are useful for your general approach to packing, where ever your next vacation takes you. The last “tip” is a page with down-loadable vacation travel packing lists to help you when it comes time to load up your luggage for Alaska.

So what is “proper” clothing to pack for Alaska? It has little to do with your hem length or a 3-piece suit. "Proper" means "comfort and safety" … depending on the adventures and activities you plan. That means layers! (Tip #1)

In fact, layering is the number one “rule” to keep in mind when you pack for Alaska. Scratch that.... Alaskans don't like a bunch of "rules." I instead of rules for what to bring, I'm giving you 10 Travel Packing Tips.

  1. Dress in layers!
  2. No matter what time of year you visit, summer, winter, fall, or spring ... dressing in layers is the only way to go with your Alaska clothing. Follow this link to learn exactly what kind of layers you'll want to wear.

  3. Plan for rain, it happens
  4. You must have rain gear with you if you want to have fun on your Fairbanks vacation ~ or anywhere else in Alaska. Here's how to pick the best rain gear for your budget.

  5. Avoid Cotton
  6. Once it is wet, not only does it have zero insulation; it actually steals heat from your body and increases your chances for deadly hypothermia. Click through for fabric alternatives.

  7. Pay attention to your feet!
  8. Shop carefully for your shoes and boots. You don't want to have sore feet and blisters when you are on your Fairbanks vacation. Here are some great to help you buy the best shoes and boots for your vacation and put together a great foot first aid kit!

  9. Style? Fairbanks Formal is an oxymoron
  10. Style of clothing is pretty relaxed here. Dress all over Alaska ranges from fairly casual … to extremely casual.

  11. Bring a good day pack and share your luggage
  12. You’ll want your day pack on your flight, when you take hikes or go shopping or cross country skiing. And if you have a traveling companion, put half of each of your stuff in each check on bag! Use these guidelines to help you pick the right pack!

  13. Pack lightly
  14. If you follow these 10 Alaska travel packing tips, you know how to pack lightly when you come to Fairbanks. Read the guidelines, and use the vacation packing lists I've provided in Tip # 10 and you'll be in great shape!

  15. Non-clothing essentials you may not think about, ... including duct tape, bug dope, and binoculars!
  16. Don't leave home without your duct tape, valuable for repairing luggage, fixing a hem and so much more. If you come in the summer, you may want to have your bug dope handy before you leave the comfort of the airport (depending upon the local mosquito report). More essentials....

  17. Clothing Selection Guidelines
  18. These guidelines tell you how to select clothing and gear for your Alaska adventure vacation.

  19. Vacation Packing Lists