Visit Fun, Friendly Fairbanks Alaska!

Why Fairbanks Alaska? Because in Fairbanks, you can enjoy the Alaska vacation activities and adventures of your dreams.

And besides, Fairbanks Alaska is friendliest town in North America!

Fairbanks Locals Love Alaska Adventures!
We live in the heart of the most beautiful natural wilderness imaginable ~ and we want to show you how we spend our "day-cations!" Fun-loving, friendly Fairbanksans enjoy Alaska adventures year-round! We get to have adventure vacations any day ... every day ... right here where we live.

So ~ we can help you enjoy an amazing Alaska vacation, no matter what time of year you come! That is what this website is all about.

Visitors love Fairbanks Alaska too!
In fact, visitors love it so much, they come back a second and third time. Sometimes they even move here!

Have you been here before? If your first trip was with one of the cruise tour companies, then you had a great introduction! Those folks do their homework! The treat you to a great overview of Fairbanks' rough and tumble history and you get to experience tons of wonderful sights, adventures, and activities.

But... they kept you on a pretty tight rein, didn't they? They showed you so much in that one visit that you hardly had time to breath between adventures! Fairbanksans lovingly call that feeling the "Prisoners of Princess," "Captives of Carnival," or "Hostages of Holland Syndrome."

So .... you want to come back for a second trip? Let us show you some of the amazing adventures and fun activities the "tough Alaskan" locals enjoy. Let us show you the places we go, learn what we know about Alaska, join us in our fun. That's what this site is all about!

Why Fairbanks?

This is where you'll find answers to that great question. Fairbanks Alaska is the best place I've EVER lived! It may be the best place you'll ever vacation! Let us help you make this the best Alaska vacation you can imagine.

Begin your plans by exploring our site!

Fairbanks Winter Vacation
There are so many things to do on your Fairbanks Winter Vacation. Take your winter vacation advice from Fairbanks locals. Enjoy the activites we get to enjoy right here at home in Alaska!
Fairbanks Summer Vacation
Fairbanksans show you adventures and great things to do on your Fairbanks summer vacation. This will be the the summer adventure vacation of a lifetime!
The Weather in Fairbanks:
The weather in Fairbanks is definitely extreme and its amazing! Find out fun facts and details about winter weather and summer weather in Fairbanks Alaska. It isn't always snowy, cold and dark!
Fairbanksans: Tough Alaskans, Friendly People
Learn about Fairbanksans, the tough alaskans and friendly people who live in Interior Alaska; what we do for a living, how we get here, why stay here.
Frequently Asked Questions about Fairbanks Alaska
Frequently Asked Questions about activities and adventures in winter and summer in Fairbanks Alaska Vacations
Best Fairbanks Lodging and Accommodations
Find out about the best Fairbanks lodging and accommodations! Try these Fairbanks hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and campgrounds!
Dining in Fairbanks, The best places to eat in Fairbanks
Dining in Fairbanks? Some of the best places to eat in Alaska are right here in Fairbanks.
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Contact Us about Why Fairbanks Alaska. Tell us about your vacation dreams and plans. We might have the answers!
DownTown Fairbanks, Golden Heart City of Alaska, City of Fairbanks
Stroll through Downtown Fairbanks, experience all there is to see and do in the historic City of Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City of Alaska
Dancing in Fairbanks: Great Places to Dance all year round
There are lots of places to go dancing in Fairbanks. These pages tell you about places to dance that include swing and ballroom, latin, country dancing, line dancing, and contra dance all year round!
Top Ten Travel Packing Tips for Alaska
10 valuable travel packing tips to help you figure out what to pack for Alaska.
Fairbanks formal may be an oxymoron. Pack in whatever style you pleas
Fairbanksans joke about Fairbanks formal; it is such an oxymoron. My Alaska packing tip for you is to pack whatever style clothing that pleases you.... just do it layers! without cotton!
How to pack lightly for your Alaska vacation.
Pack lightly, don't bring too much. That's Alaska packing tip #7. Ideas on how to pack your suitcase of your Alaska Vacation
Wildlife viewing in Fairbanks is unmatched!
Great information on wildlife viewing and photography in the Fairbanks area! Here are tips on where to go, what to look for, what to take with you, how to take the best photographs....
Chena Lake Recreation Area
Chena Lake Recreation Area, just outside North Pole, 15 miles from Fairbanks Alaska, is 2,000 acres of multi-use trails, waterways, forests, and campgrounds.
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