Bring Rain Gear

Alaska Packing Tip #2

Plan for rain, it happens! Unless you come for a wonderful winter vacation, you must have rain gear with you if you want to have fun in Fairbans ~ or anywhere else in Alaska. Tours, activities and adventures don’t stop for rain (The kids never get “snow days” out of school either!) So be ready for wet weather! Then you’ll stay comfortable outdoors and have a great experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

Some of the great new fabrics are made of micro porous, waterproof materials. They keep you dry from the outside, yet let your perspiration and body moisture escape. You may have heard of the most common, Gortex and Klimate. Some of these can be pretty spendy, and you may opt for this level of rain gear if you think you may have use for it again later.

Just don’t get heavy rubberized gear. It will keep you dry, but it is bulky and heavy to carry in your day pack, and you sweat in it if you do anything half-way active... so besides being uncomfortable and downright unsafe, it gets smelly!

PLEASE DO NOT EVEN BOTHER with a plastic or vinyl rain suit or poncho; they tear easily and are pretty useless if you are hiking, berry picking, or paddling (If you are rafting, the outfitter usually provides rain gear for you).

Actually, rain gear is a good item to look for when you get to Fairbanks.